FifthMan is a publishing initiative by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris. It is both adventure and experiment, making beautiful books which show the practice’s work and interests from new perspectives. More

027 Monographs

Chronicle £30

A catalogue of works chronicling all projects completed by AHMM, with images selected by Tim Soar.

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028 Minigraphs

The Post Building £18

The journal of a project to create architecture out of infrastructure.

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020 Minigraphs

University of Amsterdam £18

The diary of a ten-year project to reconnect a university campus to its city.

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015 Minigraphs

White Collar Factory £18

The story of an office that became a factory.

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009 Lenses

A Promise of Living £25

A book about photography, architecture and red dirt.

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003 Big Ideas

Extra Ordinary £12

A pocket-sized manifesto for extra ordinary, ordinary architecture. 

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013 Minigraphs

New Scotland Yard £18

The story of the Met’s newest New Scotland Yard.

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018 Minigraphs

Collected volumes £15

A collection of essays on the joy of mid-rise, split-section, slow architecture.

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